On my way to get my window on my car fixed today because someone smashed it in over three years ago, I passed a woman driving a car with a flat tire – a tire that wasn’t just flat, it had been flat, flat for probably a while. So worn out that the outer edge of the tire was shredded away and the metal was clearly exposed.  The only barrier between the ground and the metal was sheer luck that the rubber wouldn’t slip off and send her car in my lane.  I thought, she’s probably had this flat for weeks now, and this is her only way to get to work, work that barely pays the bills or maybe doesn’t even pay the bills.

It’s a blessing to know that I could get a new tire in the same hour I busted it if I really needed to.  It’s a blessing to know that this stupid window of mine that doesn’t stay closed has the ability to get fixed so I can blare Queen B a bit louder without the noise of air rushing in. I am blessed with the little things I take for granted.