I’m so busy these days I don’t have time to “groom” myself as a woman. I’m so out of touch with what women do.

There are nails to take care of.  There are toes and heels that need attention.  The color in my hair has faded months ago.  The overgrown cut get just gets twisted into a bun.  I think there is something called exfoliation.  My legs are bruised because I might be low in iron.  There are scars and burns on my arms. I have terrible tan lines. I don’t know how to apply foundation or eyeshadow.  And showering strips the oils from my skin. I am a modern day woman.

Yes. I’m beautiful.  I wouldn’t trade me for anyone.

Mirror Mirror on the wall.  You magnify my flaws, my imperfections, my distinctive features. You show a woman who is strong.  One who has gone through many trials and made it through.  One who has an immense amount of compassion. One who is finally ready to let her life go in whichever direction the wind blows.  One who holds onto those scars not like a scarlet letter, but like a medal of valor. That reflection is me. I’m a unicorn, bitch. I’m not afraid for you to love me because I love me.

Now all I need is a cocktail and some red lipstick.

We shine the light on whatever’s worse. Perfect is a disease of a nation.