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So, the world will eventually see me as I come out of this lockdown I’ve put myself in. I got in an accident on my Vespa, which needs a name. She’s a trooper like me, and we are both doing fine. I’m a bit beat up, but my spirits are surprisingly high. I’m grateful I didn’t break anything, and will just have some lasting scars.

My friend recently asked me if she was beautiful.  I thought it was an odd question to ask – of course she is beautiful.  She’s more than beautiful, inside and out.  How do I explain this to her in a way that she’ll understand, and more importantly, believe?

Today, I know how to answer her question.

None of us are perfect according to society’s standard, so fuck that standard. The way I see it, these scars are gonna be beautiful. They are gonna be a part of me. That love handle, that’s me too. Those stretch marks, that’s me too. That ass that once was nice and tight – today, not so much, that’s me too. That heart may be broken, but it will mend. That anger, it’s temporary, and time will heal. Our bodies are ever changing and they are just another expression of us – all of it is beautiful. Some of the past may leave a scar, but those will fade. Who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow is who I’m concerned about, and I find you beautiful.