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When my mind isn’t racing, it becomes this blank space — where thoughts can flow freely, where inspiration happens, where gratitude sets in, where colors can flow in the lines.

Why do we feel like we have to fill dead time with distractions? Honor that blank space. Have we forgotten how to day-dream? That stoplight will turn green. Our dining companion will come back from the bathroom. The TSA line can move that slowly. The grocery store checkout lanes at Whole Foods are typically that long. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-mails, Fitbit and Snapchat are these predictable, repetitive habits that give us predictable and repetitive experiences. The people we “follow” have a specific voice that we subscribe to. We know who to go to if we want a food moment, a beautiful Beyoncé moment (because who isn’t following Beyoncé), a Taylor Swift in her cute one-piece swimsuit and cat moments, a Kardashian selfie moment, and a unicorn lift-me-up moment.

Those strange thoughts in our head belong to us. They are uncensored thoughts, and should be able to have the chance to live, if just for a moment. (Imagine if you missed out on that epic kiss, on a bridge with your hair blowing in the crisp fall winds, as his hand moves down your back, that — didn’t last long enough.) The mind has endless possibilities. We should be more accustomed to our distracted selves, and instead of trying to control it, we should reclaim it. Just not during yoga.