My goal this summer was to be on a boat that I didn’t have to power myself, but I somehow failed at that. There was simply too many new adventures and necessary distractions. Looking back, I would not trade anything this summer for a chance to have been on a boat.

I was determined to start my days with sun salutations. My home was decorated with things to remind me how to smile. My friends continually challenged me this summer to be me, to do something for me, to just be. My heart was heavy from things weighing it down; but, as the days continued, the salutations became easier, taller, more open, more expressive, more colorful, and more vibrant. Some days I had energy to rub off on others; I had the potential to burst at the seams with optimism and love. This is the ultimate freedom that I’m not scared to embody.

My once extremely wavering soul is finally at peace. I am a bit older this year. I will be a bit browner going into fall. I will let the autumn leaves fall as they may. I will make it a goal to approach every season as ever so evolving phases of life.