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As I was leaving my friend’s gallery, I thought about all the good it has done for me. Over the past two years I have been spending the money I used to spend on clothes, kitchen tools, or unnecessary junk on art. I now have these amazing reminders on my wall of ways to dream, to smile, and how to be an outward extension of my heart.

Thank you, Catherine for knowing that what you do may not be saving the world in the sense of physical lives, but that it can provide a sort of happiness and creativity that this world so desperately needs. It has saved my year. I love visiting your gallery and the voice you give these artists.  I am in love with Lori Vrba’s The Moth Wing Diaries. It has inspired me to make art again.

Currently on my wall from Catherine’s gallery: Charles Grogg sunflowerMaggie Taylor’s Now What? 2012 and Oh Happy Day! 2009, and a few things Catherine has helped me frame.

Charles_Grogg_Sunflower  Now what?Maggie_Taylor_Oh_Happy_Day