This past night, I tossed and turned. I had put in my mouth guard, which I don’t always wear, but felt a bit of tension building and didn’t want to risk grinding my teeth. There was no chance of dreams tonight. I usually sleep like a rock—one that has no chance of being moved or bothered.

Was it because the wind kept shifting directions—blowing like a storm was coming, only to retract because maybe it changed its mind? We locked the windows just in case, with a small crack so air could still flow in. It gets hot if you don’t have them open, and I’ll toss and turn if it’s hot.

Was it because I ate my carbs last for dinner? NPR says it is better to eat bread at the end of the meal rather than the beginning because it spikes the blood sugar less. It’s possible my body needs an early rise in blood sugar to have a good night’s sleep. That’s what day drinking is for. Steady blood sugar? Pshhh.

Was it because the book I just finished caused my mind to wander as I think about the rules of civility, and how I’ve broken them at so many points in my life? I was so busy trying to figure out which three pretzels to get Angie earlier today and how to say it in German that I didn’t even say hello to the person helping me. Emily Post would be disappointed.

Was it that I only have a week left of vacation, and my body was fighting the urge to stay rested, trying to make a case to extend vacation? The weather is gorgeous here compared to the hot, humid August Texas air. It is nice not to have cell phone service. The Alps are more than great; the whole-grain breads are flavorful; but, at the core, I am a city girl.

Whatever caused the sleepless night has settled in the night, giving us both a few hours break. I’ll just let the patter of rain hitting the slight ajar window orchestrate me back to sleep.