As I rode home on my Vespa today, I realized how easy it is to do the habitual things with little engagement. Making some choices habits can be good (like brushing our teeth, or making our bed, or taking a shower) so we can save our decision-making energy on things that really need our full attention; but, what if our habit causes us to lose presence?

I observe drivers in their own state of habit, with little awareness of the beautiful clouds above. None of them looked out of their window. Sure they saw the traffic and avoided hitting other cars, but I doubt if they could recall any details of their drive home. They completely missed out on amazing weather, or the buildings that are undergoing change, or the small cracks in the yellow painted lines (some that only cracked on the surface and some that cracked from within). The clouds aren’t like this every day. It’s a treat that they accompany some perfect Houston January temperature.


Me and my Vespa

So, I prefer scooting around, unaware of my cellphone vibrating in the glovebox. I want to feel the full-potential of the world around me. It felt pretty alive to be fully present.

Maybe a goal of 2016 is to habitually live fully present.