I spent a solid hour (and now almost more than two) pondering the thoughts in Mark Manson’s What Love Is. I should never be allowed to get a second wind at 11pm.

They say the older you get, the fewer friends you have. The older I get, the better friends I make and the more unconditional relationships I have. I am extremely aware of how blessed I am.

Two thoughts:

While I agree with his definitions of conditional and unconditional love, I can’t picture how a partnership (traditionally called marriage) between two persons can exist entirely as an unconditional relationship.

Because each friend gives me something I need (conditional), I can love them (unconditional). Because everyone is inherently different and adds a more colorful layer to my life, having multiple unconditional friends actually allows me to maximize the amount of love I can share, resembling very little of the initial conditions that brought us together. The deeper my friendships, the more I am able to love. Do relationships start with conditions, only to become unconditional when it finds love?