When I heard of her stroke, I was in disbelief. When she did not get better, I denied it was true. When she passed away, I asked God why. She is a woman who had so much to teach our world, to offer it, to make it a more loving place.

I hadn’t seen or talked to Yvonne Hsu in probably a decade, but my memories of her are quite vivid. Her smile and laugh I could identify without a doubt. I am not sure I have ever seen her frown (or say anything negative). Her overflowing heart inspired me. We are told to honor our ego; her selflessness seemed almost unfair to herself. In a world where most of us are naturally good at being pessimists, she was the opposite. Her faith was rooted in something deeper than understanding. She lived how life should be lived, and that is a how that no words can accurately describe. I have no doubt her life touched everyone she met.

She leaves a legacy I will never forget.
Her spirit will remain among those whom she has touched, and I hope that we honor it.
I would be happy to leave just a fraction of the legacy she leaves.
Perhaps you will see a little of her in me.