guide to Copenhagen

A part of me lives in Copenhagen. I leave a spare pair of shoes and a wool jacket as a place holder.

Things I do every time:
– Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: pack a lunch (make it a day trip and go all the way to Helsingør, cross on a ferry and visit Koppi coffee shop in Helsingborg then head south to Louisiana)
– take a Goboat out on the canal
– Torvehallerne
Kunsthal Charlottenborg
– rent a bike (do that) or get a Rejsekort

Black Gold:
– Coffee Collective
– Democratic Coffee (and a croissant)
– 108 (and a slice of cake)

Drink places I frequent:
– La Bachina
– Ved Stranden 10
– Naturs Vinebar
– Rødder and Vin, for your bottle needs

Food places I frequent:
– Manfreds
– Relæ
– Amass
– Mirabelle, for morning buns with butter and cheese!
– Meyers Bageri, for the frøsnapper and hindbær snitter
– Atelier September, when I’m wanting to treat myself
– Durum Bar, for falafels


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