I exhausted my limit about hearing about my past, my future, and stretched truths about me, spoken not by me. So, I bowed out and took my Vespa the longer way home to allow the wind to lift some of the heaviness.

Ever since I came home from my 10-week trip to Europe, every so often, anxiety about living an American life overcomes me. I miss the quietness of friendship, the ones can simply introduce you as a friend. I can’t think of a time where friendship was defined by the other person’s job, future networking opportunities, or some societal measurement.

I hope my friends know it is simply enough to be them. Simply enough to make me laugh. Simply enough to let me cry. Simply enough to entertain my silly drawings. Simply enough as a hug. Simply enough to be in class with me on Yoga Mondays. Simply enough to swing on my porch swing even when I am not home. Simply enough to lay beside me. Simply enough to let me drive them to the airport. Simply enough to say nothing at all.

Friendship is simply present.