Did you see the moon last night? It wasn’t full, but its energy—auspicious. Today felt new, like a blank page, waiting for the ink to drop. It didn’t feel right to drive my car, to distance myself from the elements.Perhaps my green juice was too green. The wind felt more definitive as I ride my Vespa. The sun’s rays didn’t just provide warmth; they entered through the weave of my jacket. I tapped into my directional intuitions as I had no GPS to fall back on. What does it mean to be offline if we schedule when we turn back on our accessories that connect us to the world that’s bigger than what is around us?

As my iPhone sits in a bucket of silica gels, trying to define my definition of being present, I wonder if I even want it to turn back on. In my attempt to be uber productive this morning, I washed my bed sheets, wrapping my phone along with it.

I hope you are patient with me as I figure out what it means to be HERE. I’ve found that without a time-keeper, I get lost enjoying time. I’ve found that I put an unnecessary reliance on things that support me rather than me. In connecting with this new space, lying on my clean sheets, I feel content with just being me.

While I’m transitioning, if you need me, there is always Facebook Messenger and email. I am looking forward to finding new habits to make me a better me.