I am titanium…

It only takes half a bottle of Contadino and tamales to sing this song with Karaoke conviction.

I have amazing friends that create pretty dope memories. My friends encourage me to keep singing noises that sound like potential notes, even if I could use more than a few voice lesson. My friends take the time to build this amazing vegetable Christmas tree for a holiday party. My friends pour me a glass of Frank Cornelissen’s wine before I can order because they know that’s what I would have chosen. My friends love my sister as if she were their friend first. My friends can’t wait to hang out with me tomorrow. My friends plan to practice yoga with me. I can only describe life in one word: blessed.

This year has been nothing less than spectacular. I don’t say that to boast; rather, I want to bring to light how making time to nourish relationships and lifestyle resulted in a very happy me. Over the past year, I challenged myself to question everything I was told is “right” in life, and in doing so, I get to live a life that truly reflects and honors me.

On January 1, I will finally shave my legs. That experience is not for me. Armpit hair: a challenge that didn’t last more than a month. Natural Deodorant: still on. Not washing my hair: one month. How many times can a napkin be folded to expose a clean corner? Enough to last two weeks. Saving Topo Chico bottles for a future water glass making project: classic hoarder or upcycler, can’t tell. A glass of bad cider and a couple drops of dish soap catches all your fruit flies. I’m sure in 2017 I will find some other unconventional challenges to confirm my future lifestyle choices. I am open to suggestions. (Currently researching activated charcoal.)

Whatever it is, I am so glad that I have each one of you in my life. Without you, I couldn’t be as colorful as I am. I can’t wait to see what we all do in 2017.

Peace and blessings. 

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