Lately, I have been described as eccentric, amongst other things. While I fully lean into it, in an attempt to get to know myself a little better:

eccentric means that I have behavior that is unconventional and slightly strange;

strange means unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand;

unsettling means causing anxiousness or uneasiness;

anxious means experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome—defining uneasiness would just create a circular reference at this point….

I challenge you with eccentricity. I hope that my unconventional and slightly strange nature does cause you to pause and look at life in a different angle, which doesn’t have to align with mine because I mostly don’t know what angle I’m at. (Angie can totally attest to this one.) But, worry for only a moment, because after that moment, you’re living in the past, while I’m here in the present, waiting for you to love with me.

This world deviates from circularity and so do I.

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