white solar dog

Like the imperfect organization of aveoles in this next loaf of bread I bake, beauty and love are present experiences, never fully describable or expressed in a linear manner.

Having spent years struggling to look through a lens that is solely mine, I peel away those layers that trained my past sight. The sharpness limited the range of experiences I would allow myself. When the seen things became less distinct, I gave my other senses breathe.

Since the Winter Solstice, I walk, with the longest spine I know, amongst the towering forest of Truth. I release the threads of my past into the deepest expansions of the Blue Sky. These strands influenced me, distracted me, held me in some capacities from the fullest expression my Heart.

A wash of unconditional love, emerged, unrestricted, spilling into the surfaces of my skin, dancing onto you, flowing with its new life. Its lava-like qualities, burned so I felt its sensation, retreating in temperature only when I no longer needed heat to pinpoint the flow.

I surrender to the universe’s plan for us.

Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Love Endlessly.

Your Magnetic Blue Monkey


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