Creatives that evoke

I wish I had started this list years ago. From today’s memory:

  • Celan Bouillet‘s work moved me so much my feet became like roots, escaping the sunlight when standing before “Hanging Ferns.” This woman is a divine bundle of joy and her work is expressively so.
  • John Chakeres produced this photograph I’ve been staring at for years.
  • Corita Kent. Wonder Bread. Someone needs to get these mugs by Bauer Pottery.
  • Galina Kurlat photo of me used a wet collodion process, changing the way I look at myself.
  • Herbert Leupin, a Swiss graphic designer known for his poster art.
  • Blake Little‘s Preservation
  • Takashi Murakami’s Planet 66 Series.
  • I came across Emil Nolde at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen and re-created “My Garden Full of Flowers” in my home.
  • Mark Rothko continually challenges my relationship with color. I used to be self-conscious when wearing brown and black. The Rothko Chapel is a reason I return to Houston.
  • Maggie Taylor uses her scanner like we would our cameras.
  • Watch Drake’s Hotline Bling before you visit James Turrell’s “Skyspace” in Houston, TX. It’s closed Tuesdays.
  • Keramiker Inge Vincents makes porcelain thinware in her Copenhagen studio. She only uses white so that color cannot disturb or interfere with the shapes.
  • Marina Abramovic’s exhibit at the Louisiana, outside Copenhagen, blew my mind.
  • Read Yayoi Kusama‘s autobiography and go back and look at her work again.