My Danish home 

I’m in love with this city.

I’ve decided the way to travel is to travel to the same places, experiencing them as a new human, learning from the evolution of not only that city, but as being human yourself.

This city, for me, is Copenhagen.

When I first discovered Copenhagen, it was the dead of winter of the year 2010. I had never known a white Christmas. My lovely friend Iris, who any day now will have a baby, taught me what hospitality meant. She welcomed me to her parents home in Jutland for Christmas, and her father could not fathom a visitor without a beer in hand at all times. I can never forget this memory.

Now, on my fourth trip to Copenhagen, it has been decided that I am part Danish, and that this IS my second home. How often do you visit a city where your name is called out while riding a bike? Or that you appear at a wine bar only to be greeted by people you know. Or to be invited into a home to be cooked a meal by Cambodian parents. Or to chase a beer with a negroni. Or to drink milk straight from the holding tank. Or to wear the shoes you left here on your last visit?

Challenge to visit a place more than once. More than twice. More times that you can count. Expand and contract with it. Learn about the people and culture and the people that visit. Be a regular—have a place to call home. The world—it is smaller than we think— it is for exploring deeply the things we do not know (yet).

This time I leave behind one of my first ceramic pots, some hair, some ideas about conserving water on a farm, and promises to be back within a year.

I came to Copenhagen this time to celebrate a 30th birthday and an almost new Danish life. I have yet to decompress from the experiences here, but I know I will never forget it.

I feel so alive.

(This excerpt of my visit was written after cutting my own hair, being a natural chauffeur on a GoBoat, biking with my hair down like I own this town, a natural wine tasting of countless bottles of Danish, French, and American wines, a homemade meal of roasted chicken, risotto of chicken hearts, wheel of cheese, and Danish melon, followed by chasing a beer with a negroni, and biking home under the moonlit Danish summer night.)

guide to Copenhagen

A part of me lives in Copenhagen. I leave a spare pair of shoes and a wool jacket as a place holder.

Things I do every time:
– Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: pack a lunch (make it a day trip and go all the way to Helsingør, cross on a ferry and visit Koppi coffee shop in Helsingborg then head south to Louisiana)
– take a Goboat out on the canal
– Torvehallerne
Kunsthal Charlottenborg
– rent a bike (do that) or get a Rejsekort

Black Gold:
– Coffee Collective
– Democratic Coffee (and a croissant)
– 108 (and a slice of cake)

Drink places I frequent:
– La Bachina
– Ved Stranden 10
– Naturs Vinebar
– Rødder and Vin, for your bottle needs

Food places I frequent:
– Manfreds
– Relæ
– Amass
– Mirabelle, for morning buns with butter and cheese!
– Meyers Bageri, for the frøsnapper and hindbær snitter
– Atelier September, when I’m wanting to treat myself
– Durum Bar, for falafels