Planned pauses

There’s always talk about how mothers plan pauses in their careers to have a family. What we should also be talking about is everyone who “pauses” for all other real life opportunities, and investing in themself. My personal pause was a desire to be a better me, and to be a better source of laughter; thus, down the line, a better mother, a better wife, a better friend. A desire for a work-life balance that allows me to see my friends, have time for small art projects, and travel has changed how I approach a career of living life.

I believe this slight pause at not going full-speed will enhance the world around me. I sleep more; but, when I am awake, I am much more present. I exercise more; but, when I’m sitting down, I am much more still. I play more; but when I work, I do the same amount of work in less time. I feel so much more a part of me, like I’m finally living inside my own self – living my life, the way higher being intended me to live. I’m not rushing to get anywhere; I’m already here. The waterfall always ends up in the same place. I am here to accept what this world has to offer—all of it, even its imperfections.

I am discovering that we are a generation who defines success differently and less linearly. I’m learning that as I plan to not let work define me, I make time to do the things that really define me.

Traveling slows me down, takes me away from distractions, allows me to sway back and forth a bit until I find my center again.