essentials of (a long-term) travel bag

Over the past few years, I have spent at least 3 months away from my home base of Houston–from one month to three months at a time. In the past, I have made the mistake of packing too many clothes and not enough self-care essentials. This time, I packed the essentials first and filled the gaps with clothes.

I desire to feel even more alive than the sensation of bitter New York winter on my strategically covered skin.

These things allow me to make any space feels like me:

And the most magnetic blue monkey gift of all, a quartz with tourmaline and chlorite inclusions.

Within 24 hours of arriving, I bought a yoga block, unhomogenized grass-fed local milk (to feed my kefir grains), almond milk, bananas, sprouted pumpkin seeds, Hayden Flour Mill rolled oats, Canaan olive oil (sourced from landrace varietals, organic, and fair trade), Seed+Mill tahini (ground in NY), dried white mulberries, and shared a meal at an Ethiopian restaurant with a friend.