Abstracting thoughts

A site I enjoy is waitbutwhy.com. There are answers to thing that have haunted me my whole life like why I’m always late or why I secretly hate cool bars.

Gratitude is the scientifically proven way to happiness.

I might have googled “what does love look like,” “am I in love,” “love in a modern relationship,” “how does love in a distant relationship look,” etc. Is it ever too soon to say you love someone? Perhaps, but what’s the worse that could happen: you find out sooner that it wasn’t meant to be? (Ella Ceron, When is it too soon to say that you are in love?)

I left a 9 to 5 job in 2008, never thinking it would have opened me to so many opportunities, including living in various places in the world. During 2009-2011, I had 9 addresses, spanning 4 different time zones. While I will most likely never be as nomadic as Jacob Laukaitis, I still embody some the spirit of the nomadic lifestyle, where possessions become burdensome and impractical. In both 2015 and 2016, I traveled over 50,000 miles. It is a personal goal of 2016 to leave 30% of what I have behind. (Jacob Laukaitis’ What I learned when I gave up the 9-5) In 2018, I decided collecting zip codes and time zones wasn’t the way to see places—staying in one place was a better way to learn the local’s routines. I call this “The Lima Project.”

I am an expressive person. I cannot hide excitement. In a daily effort to slow down and be present, I challenge myself to experience more awe. (Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner’s Why Do We Experience Awe?)

A humbling story of why we do what we do in kitchens and the author of the only cookbook I’ve read cover to cover: Claudia Flemming. (Peter Meehan’s Life, And How It Happens To a Cook)

Reason why I’ll always have a blue-collared job. (Lee Vinsel & Andrew Russell’s Hail to the maintainers)