My Thought Process

One of my favorite websites is There are answers to thing that have haunted me my whole life like why I’m always late or why I secretly hate cool bars.

Gratitude is the scientifically proven way to happiness.

I might have googled “what does love look like,” “am I in love,” “love in a modern relationship,” “how does love in a distant relationship look,” etc. Is it ever too soon to say you love someone? Perhaps, but what’s the worse that could happen: you find out sooner that it wasn’t meant to be? (Ella Ceron, When is it too soon to say that you are in love?)

When I left my 9 to 5 job in 2008, I never would have thought it would open me to so many opportunities to live in various places in the world. Between 2009-11, I’ve had 9 addresses, spanning 4 different time zones. While I will most likely never be as nomadic as Jacob Laukaitis, I still embody some the spirit of the nomadic lifestyle, where possessions become burdensome and impractical. In 2015, I traveled over 50,000 miles. It is a personal goal of 2016 to leave 30% of what I have behind. (Jacob Laukaitis’ What I learned when I gave up the 9-5)

Anyone that has met me knows that I am an expressive person. I cannot hide excitement. In a daily effort to slow down and be present, I have challenged myself to experience more awe. (Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner’s Why Do We Experience Awe?)

A humbling story of why we do what we do in kitchens, story on the author of the only cookbook I’ve read cover to cover, Claudia Flemming. (Peter Meehan’s Life, And How It Happens To a Cook)

Reason why I’ll always have a blue-collared job. (Lee Vinsel & Andrew Russell’s Hail to the maintainers)